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Troy D. Renkemeyer

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Troy D. Renkemeyer is a CPA and business consultant in the greater Kansas City area. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree (major in accounting) from Missouri State University. Troy graduated with Cum Laude honors, and later obtained his certified public accountant designation (in the state of Missouri) in 1991. Later that year, Troy began the Masters of Accountancy / Taxation program at the University of Missouri at Columbia. In the summer of 1996, Troy obtained a law degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Troy again graduated with honors, finishing in the top 13% of his class. While working in the field, he obtained an advanced law degree ( Masters of Law (LLM) ) from the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Law. Troy is a valued business resource for those facing tax issues, including negotiations and reductions of IRS debt, removal of tax liens, transactional tax issues and corporate mergers among other tax related issues. Troy has authored content on topics including how to buy real estate in an IRA, tax debt resolution strategies and fresh start programs for taxpayers who owe the IRS. He has also done extensive work on business formation, contract negotiation and general tax issues. He also has written about the benefits of IRA investments, and the tax implications surrounding such investment types. Troy D. Renkemeyer is a proud member of the greater Kansas City area business consulting community, and an advocate for those seeking tax advice. Troy has extensive knowledge of the "Fresh Start" program for helping tax payers who owe the IRS, as well as amnesty tax laws in both Kansas and Missouri.

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Troy D. Renkemeyer and Renkemeyer Tax Consulting knows that It has become very common for investors to utilize their IRA accounts or other deferred compensation plans to purchase real estate and invest in businesses. The U.S. Tax Court in recent years has acknowledged the use of IRAs for such purposes. Although the IRS allows these types of investments to be made in your IRA or 401(k) plans, there are many pitfalls that can be very damaging to you if the transactions are not structured appropriately. There are various “dos and don’ts” involved with such transactions. Troy and his team at Renkemeyer Law Firm, LP has vast experience in the use of IRAs and 401(k) plans in making such investments. In fact, Mr. Renkemeyer has personally litigated many of these issues in the U.S. Tax Court and beyond. If you are considering making an investment into real estate or a business from your IRA or 401(k) plan, you should first seek the advice of Troy D. Renkemeyer or the Renkemeyer Law Firm. Troy can advise you on the most recent principals in estate planning. The laws applicable to estate planning are constantly changing. You need a tax attorney to assist you in planning your estate so your family and loved ones will not face the various legal problems and taxes that may otherwise arise upon your death. It is much easier for you to address these issues now, rather than forcing your heirs to address them later. If you need help with estate planning, Troy D. Renkemeyer can give you a much needed assist. Troy is also a master of transactional tax planning. Any given transaction can take many shapes and forms, even though in essence the same asset is being bought and sold for the same price. Renkemeyer Law Firm, LP can help you create the most optimal shape and form of the transaction to minimize taxes related to the sale. Further, issues related to liability can be an important part of any transaction for both the buyer and the seller. Issues of liability should be addressed in the transaction documents. Renkemeyer Law Firm, LP can assist you with drafting all of the necessary documents needed to complete your transaction, or review such documents if they are prepared by the other party to the transaction. These documents can be complicated and may contain legal “traps” that you should avoid in executing your transaction. Let Troy Renkemeyer and his Law Firm protect your interests and minimize your taxes in your upcoming transaction.

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